Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as the Lottery systems are run by the government itself, it is completely legal and Authorized.

Kerala State Lotteries is the first of its kind lottery program in India, run by the Kerala Government. Kerala Lottery department was established in 1967, with support from the Government of Kerala when all other private lotteries were banned. The then Finance minister of Kerala, PK Kunju Sahib, has come up with an idea to set up a new department for the lottery in Kerala. It was established with an aim to provide employment for people and also, at the same time, create supplemental financial sources without causing trouble for anyone. The revolutionary thought has inspired many other states, and soon Kerala has become a model for setting up state-sponsored lottery systems. Currently, the department is located at Vikas Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram, with about 465 employees under its Directorate. The department also was spread across 14 District Offices across Kerala along with one Regional Deputy Directorate located at Ernakulam. The Lottery department was initially under the Finance Department, but later it was brought under the Department of Taxes. There were different types of lottery Draws tagged with different Prizes, having weekly lottery and bumper lottery systems. Different types of Kerala lottery results with respect to their release date are mentioned below.

The Kerala Lottery is one of the reliable sources of revenue for the Kerala government, as many people would come forward to buy a ticket. There are many bumper prizes apart from the jackpot prize, which motivates people to keep buying the tickets. Nearly 40,000 authorized government agents sell the Kerala Lottery tickets. Among many districts in Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam have the maximum number of customers. Since the establishment of the Kerala Lottery system, the government has started to make it as a source of income for themselves and also the people as well. Seeing this unique lottery plan powered by the government, many states in India started to follow in the footsteps of Kerala. The two different lottery types of Kerala are shown below: ●       Bumper Lottery — This lottery takes place during festival seasons such as Onam, Christmas, Vishu, Summer and Monsoon ●       Weekly Lottery — This lottery takes place throughout the week. Due to its fair pricing policy, the Kerala lottery has become one of the most successful lotteries in India. Although there would be some odds you have to consider for winning, it is surely worth a try to invest your money. Starting from the single ticket pricing of INR 40, which is cheaper and also, the cost of the entire booklet is INR 750. Many desperate people go on buying multiple tickets or even complete booklets to keep their chances of winning high.

Kerala State Lottery is not a simple money making system, but it has several benefits linked to it. One of these benefits is, the tax collected through GST for buying the lottery tickets was helpful in supporting various welfare schemes in the state Kerala. The money collected in the form of GST taxes is used to provide financial support through Karunya scheme to those who are unable to afford medical bills. So far, through the Karunya scheme, more than 27,000 citizens have received the help. The primary focus of the scheme is to help out people who are in need of financial aid and suffering from chronic diseases such as Cancer, Kidney and Heart diseases, Hemophilia, and many more.

It is quite challenging to connect the latest technology with older systems in society. When it comes to implementing technology, the developments demand expertise. Anyhow, most of the time, due to old-fashioned ideology would make it more complete. The later ideology affected the lotteries much more than former challenges. State-level lotteries in India are being run successfully and popular all over India better than many other industries. Thanks for the revolutionary move by the Kerala Government in 1967, from when the lottery industry in India has become a stable all over the years. The Playwin lottery created by the Sikkim Government has become the leader in the lottery in India. Mainly due to it being the only online lottery in India. Playwin has revolutionized the lottery system by bringing every Indian together on a single platform to play lottery online and brought a major shift from the old-fashioned system.   The digitalization of the lottery has allowed freedom for many Indians to enjoy the online lottery to the best. Also, on the verge of globalization, there are also scenarios where users tend to invest in the Indian lottery, and if there aren't any online availability, those investments might turn away. At the same time, governments across different countries have put some strict regulations about who can and who cannot play online lotteries. This safety measure has encouraged several lottery agents to gain access to one of the largest lotteries across the globe. Anyhow, there needs to be even stricter guidelines and measures to avoid any kind of fraudulent activities linked to lotteries. Overall, if the systems that organize lotteries are guided and supported with transparent policies, then there would be a huge demand for Indian Lotteries than ever.