Frequently Asked Questions

The Kerala Karunya Plus lottery scheme is entirely legal and is run and operated by the State government.

The government of Kerala runs a lottery program commonly known as the Kerala State Lotteries. It is first of its kind and dates back to 1967 when it was established under the lottery department of Government of Kerala. In the year 1967, the Government of Kerala banned all the private lotteries and started Kerala State Lotteries. The main idea of this program was pitched by the then Finance Minister of the state, P. K. Kunju Sahib. It is based on a straightforward yet realistic objective- generating employment and also to increase government finance without troubling the public. Various other states appreciated this idea, and it became famous all over the country. Soon other states also started with similar lottery systems in their states. The department of Kerala State Lotteries consists of 465 employees under its directorate, which is located at Vikas Bhavan at Thiruvananthapuram; there are 14 District Offices along with a regional Deputy Directorate at Ernakulam. This department was initially set up under the Department of Finance, but it was later brought under the Taxes Department. There are several types of Lottery Draws with Different Prize structures, which are every week. It comprises of a few Bumper lotteries (during special festive seasons like Onam, Christmas, etc.).

The Kerala State lottery system is a successful method for revenue generation by the state government since everyone will buy a ticket. Though the jackpot prize is won by one, the bumper prizes still interest many people and keep them coming back for more. There are over 40,000 authorized agents that manage the selling of these tickets in the state. Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram have the highest number of customers. Kerala's model of the lottery system is the most successful lotteries in India. It is reasonably priced for the customers, with a single ticket price being as low as INR 40. Many customers buy multiple tickets or, in some cases, the whole booklet, which costs INR 750 to increase their chances of winning. It is worth investing your money at least once in a while with the high chances of winning a lottery.

Kerala State Lottery program has several benefits – the GST received with the sale of the lottery tickets has helped in supporting various welfare schemes in Kerala. One of the beneficiaries of this program is the Karunya scheme, which helps in providing financial support to the state citizens that are unable to afford their medical bills because of low income or massive debts. This scheme benefits poor people with serious ailments such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, or Hemophilia by providing them financial assistance. This scheme has helped more than 27,000 citizens so far.

The Kerala State lottery system is well-known in the country and hasn't changed much since the year 1967 when it was established. To bridge the gap between the old industries and new technology, the Sikkim Government has started the only Indian Online Lottery. This is an excellent step towards digitalization by prioritizing the ideas of the old leaders by bringing the past and the new worlds together on a common platform. Hundreds and thousands of Indians have appreciated and welcomed the digitalization of the lottery systems. In this digital age, a customer expects to find everything online. If an Indian lottery is not available online, they start looking for alternatives and lotteries of other countries. Several countries have disposed of the regulation limiting the users; this has increased the upstream of online lottery agents with players from across the globe to access some of the largest lotteries online from the comforts of their home.