Frequently Asked Questions

The Kerala Lottery Pournami bhagyakuri results are declared on the draw date of the lottery. The Kerala Pournami lottery results are thus declared on 3pm of the draw date. Since the Kerala Pournami lottery draw is done on the same day it is conducted, which is usually a Sunday, the Kerala lottery results for Pournami bhagyakuri are declared every Sunday, at 3pm. So, if today is a Sunday, and you wanted to know the Kerala Pournami results today, you should check out this website. To know more about the Kerala Pournami lottery results today, keep a close tab on this page. We keep this website updated from the official source of Kerala State Lotteries. The Pournami Lottery results are eagerly awaited by lakhs of Malayalis every Sunday, and we make it easy for everyone to check the Pournami lottery results every Sunday. The new Kerala lottery results for Pournami are updated every Sunday, at 3pm on this website. Bookmark this page for more updates on the Kerala lottery Pournami bhagyakuri results.

The Pournami lottery costs INR 40 a ticket. The cost per book for the Kerala Pournami bhagyakuri is INR 750.

The first prize for the Kerala Pournami bhagyakuri is around INR 70,00,000. The other prize amounts can be checked via the official prize structure declaration of Kerala Pournami bhagyakuri on the official website.

The private lotteries are abolished from the state. However, the Kerala State Lottery being a government-run initiative, is completely legal. It is run by an independent Department under the State Government.

In the year 1967, when all the private lotteries were being closed down by the government, the then Finance Minister of Kerala – P.K. Kunju Sahib – proposed the idea of a state government- run lottery. This was the genesis of Kerala State Lotteries, which was established under the newly constituted “Lottery Department” in the government of Kerala, the same year. This was the first time, and such a thing was heard of or put into practice in India. The newly constituted department was conceptualized with the objective of generating employment for the local population as well as supporting the government’s revenues. To start with, the new department was placed under the Finance Portfolio. However, subsequently, it was moved under the Tax Department. With Kerala leading the way, many other states followed the path and institutionalized their own lottery departments. The Kerala State Lotteries is headquartered at The Directorate located at Vikas Bhawan in Thiruvananthapuram. Employing 465 people, the department also has a Regional Deputy Directorate situated in Ernakulum and 14 other District Offices.  Structurally, Kerala State Lotteries offers two types of draws – Weekly and Bumper. The prize structure for the weekly draw changes on a week to week basis.

Envisaged as a Revenue Generation mechanism for the government of Kerala, there are two major things that make it so popular. The first is the assurance of a fair price since it is a government-run endeavor. The second is nominally priced tickets. A single ticket may cost as low as INR 40. For those looking to try their luck more than once, they can buy an entire booklet for only INR 750. To keep the people’s interest going, there are many Bumper Lotteries that are announced from time to time, especially during special occasions. Thus, Bumper Lottery Draws are announced near Vishu, Onam, Monsoons, Christmas, etc. On the other hand, the regular Weekly Lottery Draws go on, on a regular basis. The government of Kerala sells the Lottery Tickets and Booklets with the help of a network of nearly 40,000 authorized agents located across the state. The financial boost of the lottery on the government’s revenues has made many other states take note and follow the footsteps of the Kerala government.

The Kerala State Lottery has had a huge positive impact on the other Public Welfare Schemes within the state. For example – The GST collected by the state on the sale of Lottery Tickets is a direct revenue that goes straight into Welfare Schemes. Among other schemes, benefitting from the State Government Run Scheme is the Karunya Scheme. It caters to a section of society that cannot afford medical care and assistance, even for serious and chronic ailments like Kidney and Heart Diseases, Cancer, or others like Haemophilia. The aid is also provided to those in need of Palliative Care. As per a recent report, there are approximately 27,000 beneficiaries of the Karunya Scheme within the state. This initiative is funded by the gains from the sale of Lottery Tickets.

Similar to so many other days to day activities that have completely been transformed into digital initiatives, it is the need of the hour to take the state-run lotteries online. This, however, has its own set of challenges. Digitizing such a huge initiative is not an easy task, especially when so many people and intermediaries like agents are involved. But, more than the difficulty of the task at hand, it is the intent that matters. When a sector like banking has moved online, it is imperative that the state- run lotteries also explore the option of an online presence. Even though Kerala pioneered the State Government lottery in the year 1967, in recent times, it has been the Sikkim Government, which has moved first to the online medium with Playwin Lotteries. Other states, especially Kerala State Government now needs to follow suit. With the public perception of daily life moving towards a digital life, if the State Lottery does not catch up, people may lose interest altogether. Successful examples from other countries, where the governments have moved to an online lottery system abound. This also increases the reach of the Lottery Program, adding more customers and leading to an increase in the overall revenue, with ticket sales.